What IDE is convenient to write RPA with Python+Selenium Automation Testing code

Please suggest me what IDE is the convenient to write RPA Automation Testing code.

I used few days Eclipse + RED, it worked few days later did not support and keep on faced XML RPC error some thing like that which is not solvable. So I came to RIDE IDE now but to write huge scenarios it is not user friendly so work is going very slow in RIDE.

Please suggest what would be the best IDE for RPA. It would be great if I get material of RPA.

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For SeleniumLibrary i think there are two / three tools that are ok with SeleniumLibrary

  1. RED (you already mentioned)
  2. Visual Studio Code with one of the Plugins
    2.1 Robot Framework Intellisense FORK (link)
    2.2 Robot Framework Language Server
  3. PyCharm (with) LSP (How To)

I have 2 tools on my workbench:

  1. RED - for plain RF development
  2. PyCharm with RF plugin - for python development

Depending on my focus I use one or the other tool, sometimes having a project open in both IDEs. Because RED is better with RF and PyCharm is better with everything else (yaml, python, dockerfile, gitlab pipeline definition, venv etc.).

I recently started using Robocode Lab. It is based on Jupyter Lab, and still under development and tailored for upcoming robocloud release this summer. I need to get used to, but currently writing robots in PyCharm + Robocode feels good.

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Hi Noordsestern,

Thanks for the reply. Please help me on below query.

You said that ‘RED - for plain RF development’. You mean that RED with Eclipse OR Separate RED IDE is there ?

I am looking for the one Unique IDE for RPA framework to write, execute Automated test cases using RPA code.

As others suggested IDE are,

  1. Eclipse+RED plugin
    a) It is very easy to navigate all files in the project inside the workspace.

           b) We can't run multiple scripts in Eclipse.
           c) We can't edit the Robot file while running scripts. It stucks and throws the XML parser error.
           c) It is throwing "XML parser error" and not able to open robot files.
  2. RIDE - It is fine to run the scripts single OR multiple. It is lit difficult to write the RPA code.

  3. Pycharm+RF plugin

  4. Visual Studio Code with RFI FORK/RFLS

I would like to know more on RIDE problems, so that maybe it can be improved.

Hi @Peeru,

Yes, I meant RED, the eclipse version.

Since you opened this post, I spent quite a lot of time implementing robots. My preferred tools stack is now RobocodeLAB for new projects and PyCharm for old projects. Also PyCharm offers autocorrect for dockerfiles and gitlab ci.

I am a complete newb but have been using RIDE. I find it very simple to use although I’m scared to update to the latest version in case it breaks everything as I’m so crap at coding.

I use Visual Studio Code, having already tried:

  • PyCharm
  • IntelliJ
  • RIDE

Now it appears I must install Eclipse and try Nokia’s RED

RIDE was a big disappointment.

I want to be able to hover over a global variable, hit F12 (Go to Definition) and have VSCode take me to the correct yaml, positioned over the correct variable name. Have not found any solution for this.

Is yaml fully supported by Robot Framework?