Recommended IDE

Hello community,

I"m new to automated testing. Try to automate desktop application on windows and planning to use robot framework.
About the IDE, which one do you recommend, and why? I can not make up my mind which one to choose…

RED - Robot Editor?
VS code?

Hi Toda,

RIDE seems to be a popular choice by many here and I know the developer of RIDE frequents this forum so help is not far away.

There are many things that influence which is the best, including personal preference, and organisational requirements. I suggest you check out the Robot Framework Page, select the “Tools” menu and then click the “Editors” tab, there is a good list of whats available there.

My personal preference is to use the Atom text editor with the Robot Framework plugins, as this works best for me as I was using Atom before I knew about Robot Framework, so its a tool I was already familiar with.

My personal advice is to try a couple then decide what works best for you, or enables you to develop test cases the quickest.

Hope this helps,


Hi, Dave

Thanks a lot for your advise
Atom with Robot framework plugin sounds good.
Include that, I’m going to try some. :slightly_smiling_face:


I would recommend Visual Studio Code. There is now the Robot Framework LSP to help debugging, autocompletion, etc.

Hi, Robin

Thank you very much for your comment.
I will try it definitely :grinning:

Btw, about the plug-in, I found following items at a glance. Any other plug-in you recommend to work with?

  • Robot Framework Intellisense
  • robotframework
  • robot framework language
  • Robotframework Debugger


The only plug-in that you need is Robot Framework Language Server (by Robocorp). This plugin offers syntax highlighting, autocompletion and debugging.

If you also write custom Python libraries, Pylance (by Microsoft).

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Noted. Thank you very much!