There are few Observation in Pycharm with RF IDE. Please help me on the below issues

Please help me on the below observations. We use different IDE but they are throwing error at certain point OR while import other workspace code they are throwing error and entire workspace is getting corrupted. So we though of using unified IDE across all Automation Testing Team in my Team. So we choose Pycharm. But it has some issues we observed and we are not able to find solution yet. So please help how can we work RPA code with the Pycharm IDE.

There are few Observation in Pycharm:

  1. Entire line Text highlight is not working if there is space in the line. But line highlighted with the background color. Entire line Text highlight works in Eclipse.[image]

  2. How to run multiple Test Cases using configuration in External Tools in Pycharm? (I can run 1 and all using configuration in external tool in Pycharm)

  3. Faker library is not working in Pycharm.

  4. Date and Time library – get current date ----> This keyword is not working and not able to use this keyword. getting compiled error in Pycharm.

  5. Workspace in Eclipse should work in Pycharm ?

  6. Debugger set up in Pycharm -> how to debug the Robot file in Pycharm.

  7. Install pip install robotframework-workbench -> I a not able to install it and throwing the error installing it.

  8. intelligentsia is not working in Setting. Ex. Library FakerLibrary and SeleniumLibrary

Hi Peeru,

bottom line, PyCharm is for python development. However it can be used to Robot Framework, too, but not to the extend your questions imply:

  1. The image isn’t working, but highlighting depends on the plugin you use (LSP or the Robot Framework plugin). Both have their ticks.

  2. Since there is no integration for Robot Framework in PyCharm, to my knowledge, you can only create commandline calls in Run configurations (top right). But you cannot select test cases by mouse click. You you want that, you need an integrated IDE like RED or RIDE.

  3. Faker library not working is every unspecific. Not working how?

  4. Same as 3.: no stacktrace no chance for getting advise.

  5. Yes and no. Of course, robot and python source should be working. However, you cannot just open an eclipse workspace in PyCharm and expect it to be ready. Both IDEs organise their workspace differently. For RED everything is managed in .metadata folder and in red.xml. That’s why RED knows where python is installed and where to find libraries. PyCharm organises everything in .idea folder. Before getting an eclipse workspace ready in PyCharm you first must make a PyCharm project from it (open it in PyCharm, configure Python Interpreter and so on)

  6. Not sure that is possible, yet,.

  7. Again: no error stacktrace, no advise. How can anyone know what error you face?

  8. Again: not working is pretty open for interpretation. I assume it has something to do with PyCharm being an IDE specialised on robot

However, I do use PyCharm as my preferred IDE, because in the end of the day, it has so many convenient integrations (autocompletion for gitlab-ci, dockerfiles, maven, xml, python…, then GIT integration etc.) that it compensates me for running testcases and tasks from terminal.

So, don’t give up, Peeru :slight_smile: It’s a great tool.

Thank you for the details. It’s definitely useful for me to work. Can you please share the useful Plugins what you used and purpose so that I can also make it sync.