No "open browser" keyword in seleniumlibrary

Hi there,

I’m new to selenium, after setup new project/suite/testcase & add seleniumlibrary, I can’t find open browser keyword.

C:\Users\wrui\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37>pip list
Package Version

numpy 1.19.2
Pillow 7.2.0
pip 20.2.3
Pygments 2.7.0
Pypubsub 4.0.3
pywin32 228
robotframework 3.2.2
robotframework-pythonlibcore 2.1.0
robotframework-seleniumlibrary 4.5.0
selenium 3.141.0
setuptools 47.1.0
six 1.15.0
urllib3 1.25.10
wxPython 4.0.7.post2

python 3.7.9



That looks like an RIDE and I recall that @HelioGuilherme66 has fixed something similar in some pre release of RIDE.

Yes, it’s RIDE Do you mean I should upgrade to [Robot Framework IDE 2.0b1] and try?

You shoul be using a more powefull IDE than RIDE. I suggest Pycharm with Intellibot plugin.

Yes. Please try the pre-released version.

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What do you have against RIDE? If the users are not programmers they can use RIDE, because is Tester oriented. And they can open any kind of text files in RIDE’s code editor, if needed.

I am no dev, I am also a tester, I just find that robot scripts are much easier to read than in Ride . Sry if I offended anyone

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I am no RIDE user also, but i would never recomment PyCharm with IntelliBot!

The robot support in Pycharm is really not good. For Python its a Charm !

For Robot imho the Three good ways woth proper tooling are:

  1. VSCode with Robot Framework Language Server
  2. Eclipse with RED
  3. RIDE

The reason why i am not using RIDE is a) because it does not work on my MAC b) i am a Pro with Robot and do not want to touch the mouse while i sm coding, and that is more fluent in ide.
c) it is easier to open other files from where i am, like go to python source of a Keyword or open a json file.

But RIDE has a very good execution support. Better than all others imho.


a) I don’t know what problem you have on Mac (maybe the colors?), but RIDE runs OK on Mac (and now it will have a nice icon.
b) RIDE Text Editor would allow to work in that mode?
c) You can open any kind of text file from RIDE File Explorer, in a basic Code Editor.
c.1) When in Grid Editor you can call a special JSON editor for a cell that validates JSON on save content.

d) You can see documentation of keywords.
e) You can search and do tests selections on Tags.
f) You can search for Unused keywords on current Test Suite

Thanks, guys. I got solution from a friendly genius, just type in “SeleniumLibrary.openbrowser”. Maybe some keywords just didn’t showed properly in some scenario.


Some SeleniumLibrary keywords stopped showing in RIDE since version 4.4.0.
This is now fixed on current Beta and development version of RIDE.
(The fact that keywords or documentation does not show on RIDE, does not break the tests code or execution).

I am using PyEnv on mac, because otherwise it is an issue to work with multiple versions.
I am not using Venv mostly.

When i execute i get the following error.

This program needs access to the screen. Please run with a
Framework build of python, and only when you are logged in
on the main display of your Mac.

PyEnv does install python with brew and builds it locally.
This error is well known in the net, but i never had enough time to solve it.
Most people have issues with venvs and this error. But there are only rare cases using pyenv.

I also work in RF with Pycharm, with Intelbot plugin and didnt face much issues so far, I think the versions are important @vtammise?

This guy made a hell of a job with keeping intellibot alive for Pycharm. I use it against all other editors. For me is the best. For others, it’s everyone with his own opinion.

Is it convenient to write prefixed SeleniumLibrary commands like the one in your example?

If not:
Have you found a different workaround/solution in the meantime?

Thank you.

Hello, I downloaded the intellibot/intellibot.jar at develop · lte2000/intellibot · GitHub from here and still getting error from the event log for intellibot problem. Also, I am not able to bring up selenium keywords from Pycharm. Please help.

This worked for me, thank you :slight_smile:

—Installation command I have used---------
pip install psutil
pip install -U --pre robotframework-ride

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