Which is better IDE for Robotframework, Pycharm or RIDE IDE

Both IDE supports the robotframework python then what is the difference

Hi Abinesh,

Which is better green apples or red apples?

It’s subjective, one is not better than the other, they both can create robot files, they do it differently, so try them both and decide which you prefer?

For the record of mu bias, I don’t use either.


Of course you must choose RIDE!!!

I am the proud maintainer of RIDE, and I use it on my paying job daily :slight_smile: .

The advantages:

  • RIDE was created for Testers not for Programmers
  • RIDE has an unique editor with a Grid/Cells looking like spreadsheet apps
  • RIDE TestRunner has a nice feature of real time indication of the running step/keyword
  • RIDE has handy functions to select/find tests or keywords

The disadvantages:

  • Many, but I won’t talk about them for now :wink:

Well, just this one:

  • You should install the current development version like is mentioned on the project’s README.

I also use PyCharm, but only for Python development.

Other IDE with much use these days is Visual Studio Code.


Hi @Abinesh

You may want to look into our guides about IDEs with Robot Framework.

Imho there are at the moment 4 possible fruits (that are not rotten… :wink: )

The latter two are more or less the same tech below, but it does not integrate in PyCharm as good as in VSCode.

I personally use PyCharm most for Python development, but when it comes to Robot Framework i use VSCode with RobotCode.

Ps: just to be clear, that the :banana: is not meant any badly! RIDE is just a different concept of tool.