Eclipse (with RED) or PyCharm : which is better?


I would like to know what is your chosen IDE to write tests with RF ?
I usually use Eclipse with RED plugin but i take advantage of a change of computer to think about it.
Moreover, the RED plugin in not yet compatible with RF 4.0, so I have many libraries out-of-dated (but they works !) and I think that Pycharm would be more complete…

Thanks for your help !

Many people are now using Visual Studio Code and PyCharm IDEs, because they have updated code.

I am the “lazy” maintainer of RIDE, which is compatible with new Robot Framework and libraries, but with some missing new features. If you want to try, see the instructions to install the development version. GitHub - robotframework/RIDE: Test data editor for Robot Framework

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I prefer PyCharm, but just because I have use it so long and changing IDE is hard.

VS Code + Robot Framework Language Server extension by Robocorp which already includes robocop (linter) and I think this is the latest feature, there’s now a Run link on test cases and Run Test Suite. Better UX and lightweight IDE. Eclipse usually lags. for instance, red.xml doesn’t load on my eclipse oxygen unless I import the project again and reinstall RED. It’s just too buggy for my windows machine.