VS Code Extension & Markdown

Hi Guys, does anybody know a VSCode Extension which enables Markdown (*.md) files to use and enable the Robotframework syntax.

Like this:

*** Settings ***
*** Tests ***

What exactly do you mean? Do want to integrate Markdown in robot-Files or do you want robot-syntax in MarkDown Code Blocks?

The second one I think.
I want to have syntax support for Robotframework, when viewing Markdown files with Robot examples.
Which extension or tools do I need?

I 've just enable this in RobotCode I will publish a release this evening.


then you can use it like this:

# robotcode-demo

*** Settings ***
Library  SeleniumLibrary

*** Variables ***
${BROWSER}  Chrome

*** Test Cases ***
Open Browser
    Open Browser  http://www.google.com  ${BROWSER}
    Maximize Browser Window
    Close Browser

This is not working in my latest VSCode without any extension. So which extension is needed to have syntax highlighting or coloring for Rof?

Please read my answer above.

But again:

There is currently no extension that can do this, at least none that I know of. Tonight I will release a new version of the RobotCode extension, which will be able to do this. See here:

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I did read your answer above, but the part that there is currently “no other” extensions than the one you upload tonight was not mentioned there.

So thanks for your answer now!

It is sad that I have to use Robotframework LSP and Robotcode is of no use for me :slight_smile:

Why do you need to use Robotframework LSP?

You know that it is no longer being developed, see here: [IMPORTANT] Robot Framework 7 and other non-critical issues, ongoing Robot Framework Language Server support · Issue #1051 · robocorp/robotframework-lsp · GitHub


Thanks for the hint!
I will forward this information to my company.