Valid syntax for Robocop config in VSCode extension settings

Hi fellow robots,

I use VSCode editor with Robot Code extension and I would like to add a new configuration into VSCode extension settings where Robocop would highlight all occurrences of a custom marker in the comments (for example: “bug”).

I am currently strugling to understand what is a valid syntax for this configuration.
I already tried various combinations, but nothing worked.

Here is a screenshot of the Robot Code extension settings section for Robocop configurations:
Robocop config in VSCode

The Robocop rule I try to change is called “todo-in-comment” and when I execute the mentioned configuration example from CLI it will work in CLI, but it will not affect the marker highlighting in VSCode editor.

You found a mistake!!! Yeah!!!

I have published the new version 0.61.1 of RobotCode in which it should be fixed.
Please try it out and give me feedback.

Btw. The robocop settings can also be created as a file. Then they will be displayed when you run robocop on the command line. See here: Configuration - Robocop 4.1.1 documentation

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Now it works as expected :upside_down_face:
Thank you very much!

Screenshot 2023-10-08 010145

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