Unable to see selenium keywords in dropdown

Hi team,

I am using Robot framework with eclipse , installed RED and selenium libraries.

Its showing all green in red.xml file.

However when I am looking for selenium keywords in drop down to select , then its just showing Selenium library .


I tried to select that and added dot then ctrl+space then also its not showing keywords.

Attaching the screenshot.

can someone please help.

RED is not compatible with Robot Framework 4.x, at least last time I looked. Your options are

  1. Install Robot Framework 3.1 and keep RED
  2. Keep Robot Framework 4.x and change your IDE.

I installed robot framework 3.1.2 but I’m still facing the same problem.
Do I need to update the selenium library version as well ?


SeleniumLibrary version should not affect, but there is PythonLibCore which SeleniumLibrary uses to handle the Robot Framework library API. PythonLibCore supports only specific versions of Robot Framework.