RIDE incompatible with SeleniumLibrary 4.4.0?

I have installed SeleniumLibrary 4.4.0 , but many methods( e.g. Open Browser) were not listed.
I had to go back to version SeleniumLibrary 4.2.0 to use all the functionalities.

Is there some bug?


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I assume, that you are talking about your editor.
That your Keywords are not conpleted.

What editor are you using?
If it is an IDE please also tell which plugins you use.


Python version : Python 2.7.18
Robot version : Robot Framework 3.2.1 (Python 2.7.18 on win 32)

I had installed Selenium Library version 4.4.0 but I have observed many keywords were not up.

But then I moved to Selenium Library version 4.2.0 then it has all required keyword.

I had tried this on Python 3.6 version and observed same behaviour.


Yes. That is correct.

As far as i know, RIDE is not yet fully compatible with the new PythonLibCore that has been Released with SeleniumLibrary 4.4.0

So issue is RIDE here.
You could have a look at the RIDE page and submit an issue if not done already.
I think @HelioGuilherme66 is working on this already when he has time.


Ps: @Lovish I moved the topic to the corresponding Category and gave it better matching name.

Hello @Lovish,

Thanks to @René contribution, I managed to have a workaround for the missing keyword documentation.

You can follow the instructions on RIDE’s FAQ.