Robot Framework snippets for VS Code

I posted this in the Slack workspace, but thought I’d make a post here for longevity.

I recently created a Gist of robotframework.code-snippets for use with VS Code.

If you’re not familiar with VS Code snippets, here’s some info. The TL;DR is that you just type some short-hand and VS Code suggests the macro expansion for you.

For example, if I begin to type suite in a new file that I’ve told VS Code is a :robot: file, I get this:

*** Settings ***
Documentation     What does this testing suite cover?

Library           String  # just an example
Library           ${EXECDIR}/path/to/
Resource          ${EXECDIR}/path/to/NAME_OF_ANOTHER.resource

Suite Setup       SETUP_HERE
Suite Teardown    TEARDOWN_HERE

*** Variables ***
${SOME_TEXT}    Hello
${AN_INT}       ${42}
@{A_LIST}       All    Cows    Eat    Grass
&{A_DICT}       StrKey=A string    IntKey=${22}

*** Test Cases ***
EXAMPLE TEST CASE (use 'tc' snippet instead)
    [Documentation]    DOCS HERE
    [Tags]  TAGS_HERE
    [Setup]    SETUP_HERE
    No Operation
    [Teardown]    TEARDOWN_HERE

*** Keywords ***
EXAMPLE KEYWORD (use 'kw' snippet instead)
    [Documentation]    Move this to resource file later
    [Arguments]  ${param_1}  ${param_2}  # if args are needed...
    No Operation

*** Comments ***
These comments are entirely ignored! Write a pie recipe if you want!

GIF of using the Keyword (kw) snippet: