Robot Framework Language Server Release 0.0.10

We just upgraded to rf 3.2 and started using this extension. First of all thank you for a wonderful plugin, being able to debug is something i’ve long been waiting for in RF. I do have some questions though:

  • Is it possible to get the rf debug log into the “debug console” of vscode? Now it just outputs stdout, debuglog would be helpful to see what the tests are doing
  • Is there a config to run specific tests? I fiddled around with different solutions but did not find anything I was fully satisfied with.
  • Is it possible to get a rf log even if i stop the suite with shift+f5? Sometimes i start a suite of 5 tests only for the first one to fail at which point it makes no sense to keep going but i still want to read the log of the first test.

It would be helpful to share some example configs from launch.json for more advanced configs.

Again thank you for this addon and keep up the good work!