Robot Framework on VM Linux CentOS 7

Hi Experts !

I wish to set up a new Robot Framework development environment on VM Linux centOS 7.
I installed most updated versions of Python3 , pip3 , robot framework 3.2.2. my question is what other tools do i need to download to run robot framework.

Thanks !

Hi Ifrah,

The answer to that is really going to depend on the application (applications?) you are testing. But you haven’t told us anything about that, so no-one can really answer that question.

Robot Framework has many plugin module (Libraries) that can be used, which ones you install depends on your AUT.

Assuming that you AUT can run on Linux centOS 7 then what you have so far is a solid starting point, but you will need to add the libraries that your application need and any dependancies for those libraries.

I hope this helps answer your question,


Hi, Dave Thank you , little background about the application I am planning to test it is data driven testing using robot framework ex. will be testing real time traffic flow data and travel time data in Docker container . don’t if that helps. i appropriate your input