Robot-executor: A GUI for Robot Framework Runs

Hi All,

I have created a Gui-application in python to run the Robot Framework Test cases.

Please have a look at share the feedback.

Here are few highlights.

  • Application to run the Robot Framework Test From the File System with following features.
  • Group Robot Test Cases from different Folders and Group them in batch.
  • Search Test using Robot Tags
  • Run/Track the batch execution status in real time.
  • Bookmarks your frequently used test sets to create batch easily.
  • Run Robot Batch in multiple threads to seed up the execution.
  • Designed to suite Mobile and Web test Automation in mind.
  • This application is written in Python3.7. Not tested for Python 3.8
  • Can be integrated with Microfocus ALM Authentication.
  • Download the Historical data in csv format.
  • Dashboard for Historical Data (e.g. Test Executions)

Wow cool!

I will definitely have a look to it!

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Maybe one small optimization:

You have named is robot-executor.
Nearly all add-ons for RobotFramework have the prefix robotframework on pypi. Which makes it a lot easier to find it.

You may consider to change it to robotframework-executor to get more users



Thanks @René. Agreed. I have changed the name to robotframework-executor.

@mdhiman maybe example will change to pip3 install robotframework-executor, not pip install robot-executor

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@nixuewei this have already been done. Thanks for sharing the feedback.