LINUX! Automating Desktop Application by using Robot Framework

Hi there,

im a complete beginner with linux and robot framework. What I’ve managed so far to accomplish:

installing robot framework on linux server, so that i can open RIDE.

what i want to do:

i have a desktop application on the linux server. I want to do a test, where automatically the application starts and automatically login. i want to do this with robot framework.

what i found out so far:
i need “sikuli” library for this. is this correct?

my 2 questions regarding to this:

  1. since i am complete beginner, how do i install sikuli?
  2. how do i create the testcase which automatically starts the application and automatically logins?

i need someone to guide me please, need big help! i really want to learn this.

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I am interested in your testing desktop apps in Linux, because I would like to have that setup to test RIDE.

I agree that SikuliLibrary is a good solution, but there are others, but I don’t know the current state of them. There is imagehorizon library.

To install, SikuliLibrary, you need to get the JAR file as expalined here and best instructions are in the project repo.

For Linux the recomendation is to download the package, but you can just:
pip install

Hello HelioGuilherme66! Thanks for your reply.

I just went with the “pip install” command you gave me for linux and the installation was successful!

Now the only problem is: how do i create such a “simple” testcase like starting the application and login automatically?

Have to ping here some tooling to help out on your automation journey:

…to help out with the dependency and environment management.
…and our collection of libraries for RPA:

Hi, I really would recommend Lackey for image based UI automation. Its really powerfull and written in python…in contrast to sikuli.


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Thank you, but it seems Lackey only works for Windows, is this correct? Im working on a Linux (openSUSE)

Hi Daniel,

Is there a Robot Framework Library for Lackey?

A quick google search tuned up the python module for it but no robot framework library, if you know of one can you provide a link?


@adrmai Yes, sorry…It seems not to be available on Linux yet…I didn’t pay attention

@damies13 There’s no RobotFramework Library. So I created the keywords in python which I then imported into RF.

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One thing I noticed on this forum is not all robot framework users have a programming background.

Have you considered creating a Lacky Library for robot framework? I guess you have a lot of the needed keywords already built by now, so It might be easy for you? it depends whether you want to put your time into that.