PyCharm vs VS Code

Hello … I need to restore a data driven Robot Framework + Python project created in PyCharm. The data source is saved in an Excel file and attached to the project file. In this case, the Excel file can be seen in PyCharm.
I am trying to restore it in PyCharm or VS .
I see some drawbacks in pyCharm, for example libraries that are not stored in the project folder, all libraries need to be installed manually. Script included a lot of clicks on button or drop downs and i read Robocorp doesn’t like this functionality; at the same rime, VS Code can run faster and be saved in the cloud.
Are the python and Robot Framework libraries updated automatically in the project? Is Excel file will be automatically saved to the cloud? Does Robocorp work with Python code (I’ve seen some complains). Do i expect
Do i expect issues in process of adapting existing script to VS ?

Please advise cons and pros of VS vs Python

Thank you