VS code doesn’t recognize the DataDriver library

Hello everyone!

I am working with Robot framework in vs Code but the system is not able to recognize the DataDriver library.

When I activate the “pip list” commands in the Terminal, I can see that the library is installed. But when I try to work with it, it doesn’t work.

If anyone has an idea how to fix the problem, I’d appreciate it !

Hey Ivan,

Could it be because of your DataDriver version? 0.2.7 is an old version and may be there is a compatibility issue with Python/Robot Framework.

Maybe issue will be sorted if the DataDriver version is updated?
Currently I have robotframework-datadriver 1.7.0 installed.

So yes. DataDriver 0.2.7 was a python 27 compatibility release and you should definitely update. I think it is also not compatible with RF 6.

However that would not cause the error.
You should select the correct python environment in you settings.

Robot Framework Language Server has sometimes problem to automatically select the correct python environment.

Hello Pramesh and René! Thank you very much for your answer. I tried to update DataDriver but it didn’t work. Finally, I decided to uninstall all versions of Python. I reinstalled the latest version of Python and the libraries. This is how the DataDriver library already works.

I thought the problem was an environment conflict between the Python versions.