How to import DATADRIVER Library in vscode?

Hello all,
I have installed data driver on pip, but vscode isn’t recognizing the data driver library. Could someone help me out resolving this?

Are you using virtual environments and are you sure the correct Python interpreter is being used?

What you can do: in VS Code, open a terminal and type pip list. Is robotframework-datadriver listed?

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Yes robot framework-datadriver is listed on vscode terminal. But data driver isn’t recognized. Kindly advice to solve above.

Are you using RobotCode or robot framework language server?

Shouldn’t we add both on vscode?

RobotCode != RoboCorp code … Both of those that you have installed are from RoboCorp and they have announced that maintenance will stop in the future…

@robinmackaij probably meant to ask; are you using Robocorp’s LSP or or Daniel Biehl’s RobotCode LSP; GitHub - d-biehl/robotcode: RobotFramework support for Visual Studio Code

Issue sorted, added required dependency on conda.yaml file.
Thanks everyone for your inputs.