I want to update the test case status executed on Azure Self Hosted Agent into Azure Test Plan

Hi Team,

I have test cases in Azure Test Plan and these get executed as per schedule in the Self Hosted Agent.
Now I want the results of these test cases to be updated in the Test Plan.

Can someone help me out on this?


Hi Sekhar,

At the most simple level you would probably want to configure the Azure Test Plan to capture the return data from Robot Framework, the 3 things you’d want to capture from the robot command line are:

  • the return code (this is a number that every executable returns when it exits, 0=pass, 1-255 = number of failed tests)
  • the stdout, this will give you text representation of test names and their pass/fail status
  • the stderr, this will give you any exception errors from your test that were not captured by Robot Framework.

Sorry, I am not familiar with Azure Test Plan so I don’t know how to configure them.


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Last time i checked, Azure supported JUnit reports that RF can generate. In the past thought, RF’s junit format hasn’t been so great and in some cases i had to resort to 3rd party RF listener…

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