How to associate Robot tests to Azure DevOps test case with Visual Studio?


I’m trying to learn, that how you can execute Robot tests from Azure DevOps test plans. In other words, I’d like to have a Robot test as an “associated automation” of the certain test case in AzDO Test plans.

There is documentation for how to do this with unit tests: In Visual Studio, simply add unit test project to your solution and associate the automated test of yours to the AzDo test case form Test explorer. But I’m not able to find any documentation, how to do this with functional tests and with Robot. There are no functional test projects in VS (at least I can’t find those, if there is) and most probably I need to launch agent, or some VM to execute the robot test.

I managed to add all my Robot tests to Azure pipelines with Yaml file, but this is different case.

Does anyone have any experience about this, how to do this? Any help would be appreciated.



Not possible at the moment, my solution is to parse XML output and call some API’s to mark TCs as Passed or Failed.

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even i want to integrate azure testplan with robotframe work,could you please help me out with this

how did u parse XML output and call some apis to mark testcases as pass or fail,could u please tell me in detailed way with the steps.?

Hi guys!

I need to do integration my Robot project with Azure Test Plan, I’m doijng this with Azure’s APIs, but it’s very dificult, because all APIs are very microservices, and if i forget to call one API to do one little thing, this dosens’t work.

Anyone here to do this using the Azure’s APIs?

I have a dificult with input details inside the test result, like a:
Test Plan
Test suite
Test Case