From robot file to Azure Test runs summary

In Azure Test runs summary there’s a Outcome by configuration section…

What do I have to do or add, in a robot file and how… to get the differentiation between some…

I tried

but couldn’t get to the desired result.

I tried
but that also didn’t result in the desired effect.

This is a feature of Azure Test results that’s closely tied to the whole Azure Test Suite (TRX file) and most likely depends on the content of the result XML file. I’ve looked into this in the past and when it comes to test result XML formats, there is no universal standard and none of them has an official XSD.

RF can output an xUnit-compatible result.xml by use of the --xunit CLI flag. Back a few years ago, you had to upload that as Junit in Azure to get it to display anything (uploading as Xunit didn’t work back then, that might be different now).

From the looks of it, there is no mapping for the Outcome field to formats other than TRX:
Publish Test Results task - Azure Pipelines | Microsoft Docs