Azure devops and Robot framework

Hi Guys !
I am new to robot framework, the scripts within it for testing I am familiar with, however, I have a challenge that I really need to sort out, hopefully.
We will be creating tests on Azure DevOps, is there anyway if I can try to associate the automated tests of Robot with Azure dev Ops, and the pass/fail is updated in the test cases in azure dev Ops? or anything similar to this.
Thank You !

Hi sanchit,

Iā€™m not familiar with Azure dev Ops, perhaps someone else can answer the specifics of that.

In general terms what you probably need to do is check in your test cases (.robot files) into a directory within your project, then set up a test execution task to as part of the build process to run the robot command with the path to the folder of checked in .robot files or to a specific robot file. You may need to refer to Azure documentation on how to do this and any useful variable for dynamic paths to the checked out code location on the build executor.

Hope that helps,


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Hey Dave! Thank you very much for your response. IT sure is useful.

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