How to cheek and set Wifi on Linux pc host

I want that Robot Framework can cheek set the WIFIof my pc Linux and IDK wish library should I use and how it works.
Can anyone help me on that topic plz?

man ip

start: sudo ip link set $yourwlandevice up
stop: sudo ip link set $yourwlandevice down

make your account not require sudo password for command ip and call via builtin process/os library ?

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thanks :slight_smile:
I think that I have to use robot builtin KW ‘RUN’ to perform this operation but I DK how :thinking:


Hello Jani
In my case, WIFI_NETWORK and PASSWORD should be env variables that’s why I was thinking of using this method :
${value} = Get Environment Variable HTTP_PROXY
${value1} = Get Environment Variable ${wifi_ssid}
${value2} = Get Environment Variable ${wifi_pwd}
then I have to use RUN PROCESS ${value} ${value1} ${value2} to run the shell cmd