Running http-requests on a remote machine on the same network

Hi! I am new here and happy to be learning Robot :smiley:

I have some robot-tests that I have controlled via an API (FastAPI) on a raspberry pi. On the raspberry pi I have been able to run robot-tests with my http-requests as keywords smoothly. Now I have set up the pi as a hotspot, and am able to access the API via the browser on a different computer on the same network. However, trying to run the http-requests via robot doesn’t work…
Since the PI and the computer are on the same network, it was my understanding that I can simply replicate the way I used http-requests on the pi for the computer, like:

Turn BT off RPI4
${response}= POST ${RPIURL}/turnBToff
Status Should be 200
Should be true ‘${response.content}’ == ‘true’

where RPIURL is defined as the address the API is hosted on (the same address that I can access via a browser and smoothly perform the requests).

However, it seems robot itself can’t connect to the server URL, here is the error I get trying to run a test with only the keyword above:
robot -i test RobotTests.robot


Test connectiontopi
Test connectiontopi | FAIL |
HTTPError: 503 Server Error: Service Unavailable for url:

RobotTests | FAIL |
1 test, 0 passed, 1 failed

Do I need to configure a remote server or library? It seems unneccessary since everything is already available on the remote computer. I also don’t need to have two seperate robot libraries, as it is smoother for me to have all keywords and tests defined in the same place, running http-requests for different machines sequentially with the URL method above.

I can bypass this obstacle by using SSHLibrary and curl POST/GET (not really what I wanted to do but it works), but I wonder if I can add SSH logging to the same logfile as used by the other keywords that execute locally?

Not sure why the formatting of the question ended up the way it did, but hope it is legible anyway!

503 error means something wrong with http-server. Maybe when you run tests on local machine there are lack of resources to run http-server and test simultaneously?