Robot framework installation behind the firewall

I am trying to install Robot Framework, but the company has firewall which makes it difficult to set everything up. What can I do in order to use it?

You need to request a local Admin user right on your PC from the IT department. You need access to environmental variables, maybe to the ports (in case you want to use some SSH connections etc.)

Hi Ian,

do you mean that the firewall is blocking you from accessing the internet so pip is not able to download the packages it needs?

You will probably just need to set the proxy server settings for pip, usually you can find the proxy settings from the browser, if not you may need to ask your IT team what proxy settings you should use.

Once you have the proxy server address and port number you can refer to this: How to Use Pip with a Proxy Server - ActiveState

If you want to use Browser Library you may also need to set the proxy settings for npm (NodeJS’s package manager) as well.