How to setup Proxy in Robot Framework

How we can setup proxy in Robot Framework while accessing a web url?

Any help will be appreciated.

Hi Pravin,

I realise this is your first time posting, so to help you understand, robot framework’s core doesn’t make web url calls so there is no proxy. In future you need mention which library you are using so people can help you.

For example with you question the three most likely answers are:

  • If you are are you using SleniumLibrary then refer to Create Webdriver
  • If you are are you using BrowserLibrary then refer to New Browser
  • If you are are you using RequestsLibrary then refer to Create Session

Hope that helps,


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Thank you Dave.

I am using SeleniumLibrary. So will check with ‘Create Webdriver’.

Yes, you are right. This is my first post. I will ensure necessary inputs in my upcoming queries.

Thank you,