How do I run Robot Framework scripts in Azure DevOps

Hi Guys !
I really need to sort out !
We will be creating tests on Azure DevOps. The code has been pushed into Azure DevOps Repos. I am very interested to know how to build the Azure Devops Pipeline to run the robot script. I would like to know the specific configuration operation and YAML code. Thank You !

and the actual tasks of the jobs:

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Thank you Jani !
This is very helpful to me, and I was wondering if there is a specific configuration tutorial? For example, how my.robot script is called, and how I created the pipeline in DevOps.
I know nothing about it. I really hope you can help me. Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Dunno any tutorials, azure pipeline docs where good enough for me. Maybe this Azure DevOps Pipeline Tutorial — Part 1: CI pipeline fundamentals | by ABN AMRO | ABN AMRO Developer Blog | Medium

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