RobotFramework IDE for RF 4.1*

Hi, I am new to robot, so I am setting up a test-development environment. I have RF 4.1.2 running (thanks to some help). As my prefered IDE is Eclipse I installed RED. And then found out that RED does not support RF 4*.
I looked at the github-site of RIDE. The latest RIDE release only mentions RF 3.1.
So my question is:
Can I use RIDE with RF 4.1.2 ?
If not, is there an alternative IDE?

Yes you can use RIDE with RF 4.1.2, as long as you are patient with the bugs (existing/known and new).
Since the Pre-released version (2.0b1) there was a lot of changes/fixes/improvements, which you can see in the CHANGELOG.

The indentation, and autocomplete for IF/ELSE/… is still missing (and also for nested FOR).

So, you can give it a try, go to GitHub - robotframework/RIDE: Test data editor for Robot Framework and install the current development version from master (it includes a fix for SKIP keyword and nice color management). And color management is not OK for Text Editor :wink: .

Thanks Helio!
I tried to install on lubuntu 20.04, python 3.8.10
$ pip install psutil
$ pip install -U --pre robotframework-ride
But it failed with: ERROR: Failed building wheel for wxPython
Any suggestions?

Yes, Linux users need to install first wxPython.

See here in our FAQ, an example for older Ubuntu: F.A.Q. · robotframework/RIDE Wiki · GitHub

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Hai Helio,

I am not getting through it. I adapted the first command to fit my ubuntu version:

pip install -U

This failed with the error

ERROR: wxPython-4.1.0-cp36-cp36m-linux_x86_64.whl is not a supported wheel on this platform.

The same for the 4.1.1. version on the same site.

So: how can I get a supported ‘wheel’ for Ubuntu 20.04?


Mathijs Hobijn


You must find the correct wheel for your python version. Look for packages with cp38-cp38.