Can I make pie charts/ histogram

Is there a way I can generate pie charts or a histogram using the results pass/fails?

Yes, there are a lot of python libraries you could use to generate such charts.

I’m currently playing a bir around with visualizations using Pandas Dataframes and Bokeh.

There are some examples here in my colab notebook.
In general, you can output Bokeh diagrams as html files or into a notebook.

You can also use some Diagram Types in Markdown, like mermaid diagrams.
I use them here in my GitHub Action to visualize some results

There are a lot of possibilities, question is where you want your results.
There are also 3rd party reporting tools (also open source) like Allure which allow you to create visually appealing reports - also for robot framework

You can find an example from me here

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I made a demo about month or so ago on how to use Bokeh within robot reports here:

Code is not ready for production but if you know how to write python libraries, it should give a good starting point.

Example in the repository shows a chart from a single keyword but with a help of the listener collecting the statistics of test case/suite results, one could also do bokeh chart of pass/failure which would get embedded (at least per suite quite easily) into rf’s own logs.

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