Integrate Robot framework Tests results to Kibana

Hi All,

Just want to check is it possible to Integrate Robot framework Tests results to Kibana Dashboard?

Any help would be much appreciated!


Hi Arun,

The short answer: sure why not.

The long answer: I had a quick look over what Kibana Dashboard and Kibana is, basically it’s a visualisation framework similar to Graphana. So the key to making this work is raedingg the data, so there are 2 ways you could approach this:

  1. adapt Kibana’s data readers to understand the output.xml files from robot framework, these are standard xml files so this shouldn’t be too hard if Kibana has an xml adapter
  2. Output data from robotframework in a format that is easy for Kibana to graph or present. This could be something as simple as writing to a csv file or more fancy like having a listener write to a time series database as test steps complete (see this post for some options on outputting data from robotframework).

How simple or complicated a solution you come up with will be up to you, robotframework is very flexible and will let do just about anything and from my very brief (under a minute look) it looks like Kibana is pretty flexible too, so you should be able to make it work.

I don’t know if anyone has already done this so there may not be anything pre-canned so to speak, so there may be an element of trailblazing here, so if you do make it work please share what you did.

If you have specific questions about parsing the output.xml, listeners or even teardown keywords, be sure to ask, i’ll be happy to help.


Hi @ArunGanesan did you succeed in integrating robotframework test results to Kibana?