What are the good tools for displaying robot results?

In the past I was using Jenkins to run tests and Robot plugin for Jenkins to display results. It was showing information about latest build, build history, some duration trends and it was enough for me. Currently I am using Gitlab CI and looking for some tool to display results. Report Portal and Allures Reports comes to my mind, but I find them a little bit too big and feature rich for my needs.

Any simple solution for such needs?

RFHistoric might fit the bill: GitHub - adiralashiva8/robotframework-historic: Robotframework-historic is a free, custom html report which provides historical robotframework execution results by storing execution results info in MySQL database and generate's html reports (charts / statistics) from database using Flask.

I saw this project, but have doubts. It’s done by one person and except for few changes in March last time it was actively update is November. Don’t want to end up with unsupported solution in year or so.

Don’t discount an open source project if it’s done by one person, even if that person stops maintaining it someone else (including you) can fork it and maintain it. This is one of the advantages of open source projects.

There are lots of projects out there that hundreds of people use that maintained as a fork of the original project that stopped being maintained, i think from memory SikuliX is an example.

I hope in the future if i’m no longer able to maintain my projects, someone else will pick up and run with them (I’m no spring chicken, but I hope to be around for quite a few years to come)

If you find the project really useful, fix some bug or issues and then you become a maintainer, then it’s no longer a single person project :grin:


Gitlab supports xml test results in Junit format
And Robot Framework supports output in xUnit fomat

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  • Robot Framework.
  • SoapUI.
  • Postman.
  • UnitTests++
  • Googletest.

Oxygen is a new tool for Robot Framework to consolidate all test reporting to the original test case become part of the results as well .emphasised text.