What is the best reporting method available that can be integrated with Robot framework for enterprise?

I’m looking for extent reporting of the test results, when I work with robot framework, I would like to see the reports in a customised and with graphs and charts. Is there any plugin or tool that I can integrate with Robot framework which helps me in achieving the same? any relevant inputs are appreciated. Thank you.

Are you looking to generate a report for a single test run or for historic performance of the test suite?

For single test runs Allure might suit: see their home page and a third-party integration plugin for Robot Framework.

For historic performance a couple of options have been brought up before:

Disclaimer: I’ve not had a chance to try any of these tools yet, I’m just summarising some of the suggestions from this thread.

Several organizations have used grafana to display results

Siili has a tool called Epimetheus
Example Site