Your Use Cases of remote libraries?

I have not used it, yet, but plan to. I have some functionality written in Java and like to publish it as rf keywords.

Do you have use cases where you used robot framework remote interface?

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We use it in some cases:

  1. We have to automate an embedded device that can only execute native c executables. It has a ethernet interface. So we wrote a C program that opens the XML-RPC and we could call robot that executes on the device local functions from our normal desktop.

  2. We wanted to use Ranorex automation technology. Ranorex is C# and we compuled the keywords into a C# dll and used NRobotRemote.

  3. Customer has Java and Goovey Libraries for its own interfaces but we didn’t want to automate in Java because it is slower development and we wanted to use RequestsLibrary and SeleniumLibrary.
    We also didn’t wanted to use the Jython RobotFramework because we are not sure how future proof it is.


We use it for testing Banking Software which connect to databases for storage. We started to use a standard Library, but the Remote Library has huge potential:

We can start many remote clients against the same database and simulate different user profiles with their own user rights within the same test. This way we can test the whole workflow where one user enters a trade, and then it is handed over to the next simulated user. Each remote connection has it’s own user rights, which can of course be tested as well.

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I use it to test a desktop application on Citrix VDI (virtual desktop interface). Due to the scarce resources of the remote machine I am only running there the remote libraries and the app and everything else locally.