Combining Remote and Selenium Libraries in Robot

The use case I’m looking to implement is pretty specific, and I don’t know if possible in Robot.

I have a webrtc call-making JavaScript SDK. I want to have Robot open a Browser on one machine, setup the SDK, and make a call to a remote machine. I then want Robot to open a Browser on a different machine, setup the SDK, and answer the call.

The first part is easy with SeleniumLibrary/Browser, but getting the remote component to work is much harder. Ideally I’d like a Remote Library that can open Browsers on other machines and participate in tests.

Is this kind of end-to-end user testing possible by mixing Selenium and Remote in Robot, and are there any examples that already exist?
Can I stand up two RobotFramework servers that can interact across the network, sharing code and executing tests with keywords?

Appreciate any help that people might have.