AutoItLibrary : Open a program on RDP connection


I would like to open a program and use it (for example Excel) which is located on a RDP connection.
I succeed to open the RDP connection (with AutoItLibrary) but I can’t interact with any program.

Is it possible to do this with Autoit? Or another library?

Thanks !

Issue is that pretty much all the information for any automation tool isnt available over RDP (or VNC) as interacting and reading application state typically requires some form of introspecting into SUT. Afaik, Sikuli does not have this limitation so it could be an option… Last one, but still an option.

If you have access on the box you RDP into, you could use remote libraries via: GitHub - robotframework/PythonRemoteServer: Robot Framework remote server implemented with Python

Process is something like this: run remote server on the box you rdp into, install the required libraries and tweak what is needed on the host you are running robot.

Thank you for your answer !
Do you think that I should use the same way to execute a BDD request without launching the client?
In fact, when I’m at work, I can reach the BDD (with DatabaseLibrary) and execute my requests but when I’m at home, I must use a RDP connection.

Sorry, i dont really understand your question.

Could you start by describing your setup at home vs when you are at work ?

No problem.

  • At work : With RF, I execute my BDD requests with DatabaseLibrary with following keyword :
    Connect To Database
    And I can execute several requests without problem

  • At Home : First, I must connect on a server (with RDP connection). Once I’m connected, I can access to BDD and I would like to execute my BDD requests as if I was at work.
    I tried to do a RDP connection with AutoItLibrary and connect to Database like :
    AutoItLibrary.Run ${RDP_Connection}
    Control Click Connexion &Connexion [CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:5] LEFT
    Connect To Database
    But it does’nt work : I think the cause is that I can’t interact with the remote Windows

So, if you connect to your work machine via RDP and lauch robot as usually in that machine, that should be exactly the same as you where logged in to the box physically. Thats not the case for you ?

I don’t think because I have a portable PC (so RF is in this PC).
So, when I’m at work, the command is simple to reach the BDD but at home, the BDD is not reachable directly : i must connect to a “rebound machine” if i want connect to BDD

(Sorry if my explanations are not clear…)

Ok, that makes a bit more sense now - one more thing to clarify: i thought you where working on rf that require autoit but you where trying to solve the issue with it ?

If that is correct, the easiest way is to install your robot stack to that bdd host and run it there …

VPN connection would also help but i guess …

Thanks !
I knew that it would be more complicated than I thought…

I’m a novice in RF and I learn day after day :slight_smile:

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