What is good way to setup CI/CD for mobile testing

Hi everyone,
I’m writing test script for Android and iOS devices and now I want to setup CI/CD Jenkins for it. Here is my plan:

  • Connect real devices (android and iOS) to Jenkins machine (through USB cables)
  • Create a Jenkins job to run my test script on these connected devices
    My question is: Is it a good approaching? I read document that we can use wifi to connect instead of USB cables and I’m researching about it

Does anyone have experience in setting up the CI for mobile devices? Could you help me to develop my plan?

Thanks for your help

So, the Jenkins machine is a MacOS (maybe a Jenkins node/slave). Then to connect with USB cable is OK, but with WiFi I only know how to setup for Android, but in a manual way.

I don’t know in details, bu we can see how Browserstack does the initial setup/launch of the real devices.
Good luck.