Real device IOS - How to work with browser

Hi everyone,
My project requires testing on mobile devices (Android, iOS)
I can automate emulator Android and real device Android as well as simulator iOS (safari only)
Now I’m blocking with:

  • simulator iOS: testing on Chrome and Firefox, so far I cannot install these applications on iOS simulator
  • Real device iOS: I can open Safari and Chrome browser, but it stucks at typing URL, and I also see the requirement to turn on Siri.
    I’m using these keywords:
  1. Open Application ${local_url} | platformName=${caps[‘platformName’]} | platformVersion=${caps[‘platformVersion’]} | deviceName=${caps[‘deviceName’]} | app=${IOS_SAFARI_BUNDLEID} | udid=${caps[‘udid’]}
  2. Go to url | ${TEST_URL}

Seem like the Go to URL keyword does not work on real iOS device. Does anyone have an idea or similar project that I could review?
Thanks for your help

EDIT: Just realized this is just an issue with a REAL device, the tip may still be helpful but not sure.

I believe you need to provide the browserName for Safari to work. See the “Start App” and “Scroll To Text In WebView Keyword Test” portions of this test file:

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Thanks Wolfe1, greatly appreciated

No problem! For posterity, did you solve your issue? If so could you post your solution?