GitHub Actions or GitLab CI/CD configuration for Appium tests

Hello there, I am trying to setup GitLab or GitHub runners so my tests run on an android emulator (using UIAutomator 2) everytime I push new .apk file to the repository.
Is there anyone who tried that? Could you provide your workflow for github or gitlab-ci.yml file so I can see how it works? I am kind of lost. Thank you very much.

For the GitLab CI Pipeline setup , I can recommend the official GitLab documentation:

I also put a few short Robot Framework + GitLab CI examples here:

but I really recommend to check out the official GitLab documentation.

Now, about your setup with Appium and the Emulator:
You need to think about how you will run the emulator.
The emulator will need hardware acceleration - this is something you cannot easily run in a Docker container or a VM somewhere.
So I recommend you start by setting up a physical machine as a GitLab runner and register it in your GitLab project.

Then you can configure your CI Jobs to run explicitely on that runner.

Ont other possiblity to run Mobile Tests is by using providers like Browserstack.
I recently did a pilot with Robot Framework and Browserstack and the integration with AppiumLibrary worked fine. Those providers just have their price - but they will also save you a lot of pain in the Mobile Device setup

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In our project we are simply using the lambda test tool and integrated with the robot code as suite setup so when ever the program executed which will be run in the lambda tool efficiently