What are the option for logging when executing robot on folder?

I have a bulk of tests (per file) which i just execute robot on the main folder
this way robot goes through all my tests successfully

yet the log that is generated only relevant for the last test (file)

what are my options here? since i want to have log of all the tests conducted

The log contains all the test which where executed in with that command, nothing is left out from the log by default. There is basically two options:

  1. Your command does not execute all the test you expecting. Usually in this case you are doing something like this: robot path/to/test.robot, meaning that you executing single test suite. Instead you could try: robot path/to which will execute all the tests from the folder.
  2. You are post processing test results and you filter out some of the test from the report even they are executed.

When I ran each file separately log is clear
When I execute a folder (I track execution and see all files are executed one after another)

Yet the log.html is being overridden and I see the result of the last teat only (last file)