Tags : How to execute tests located in several folders with command line?


I would like, with command line, to execute some tests with specific tags. But these tests are located in different folders.

Example :

  • Folder1 contains “TestSuite1” with tag “smoke”
  • Folder2 contains “TestSuite2” with tag “smoke”

I need to have 2 different folders because the context is different (Back-office and front office).

I try : “robot -i smoke Folder1 -i smoke Folder2” but it doesn’t work.

Thanks for your help !

Target the parent folder of Folder1 and Folder2 with the -i smoke or robot -i smoke Folder1 Folder2. You don’t need to re-indicate the tag after every destination.

Thank you ! It works ! :slight_smile:

I have an additionnal question : what is the command line if you want to run on one time this configuration :

Folder1 contains “TestSuite1” with tag “smoke”
Folder2 contains “TestSuite2” with tag “sanity”

robot -i smokeORsanity Folder1 Folder2

You have resolved my issues !
I’ve already seen this syntax “OR” but I thought that RF ran “smoke” OR “sanity” tags (not twice…)

Thanks again !

You’re welcome!