Robot Test executions are not creating log.html and report.html, though output.xml is generated

Hi All,

We are using Robot framework for our automation tests. We are unable to get log.html and report.html during the end of the executions but output.xml is being observed. This we face in RobotFramework versions 4.0.3 and 5.0

Kindly suggest a fix for this. We would like to get a solution for this asap hence we could resolve this blocker in our CI pipelines.

Vashanthkumar PG

Hi Vashanth,

I think you are encountering the same issue as in this thread:


And could be unrelated but if (at least on windows) any of the keywords or test code opened file handles or processes that are not closed / terminated properly - execution in the shell looks like robot is stopping but it will not do that and result is like OP’s question - there is output.xml but no html reports …

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