Hello everyone,

I have this error when I run my Tests :

WebDriverException: Message:

Firstly I checked my versions browsers and the compatibility with my webdrivers, but it’s good regarding recommandations :
Firefox version : 95.0.2 (64 bits)
I tried with webdrivermanager firedox, it returns :
Error, unable to read current browser version

I don’t understand…

If someone can help me please…

PS : I have Robot Framework 4.1.3 (Python 3.7.9 on win32), work with pycharm

Could you show us the full error message?

My bad, I forgot the most important part, it’s this message :

WebDriverException: Message: < !-- IE friendly error message walkround.
if error message from server is less than
512 bytes IE v5+ will use its own error
message instead of the one returned by
server. →

[ Message content over the limit has been removed. ]

The webserver reported that an error occurred while trying to access the website. Please return to the previous page.

Hi everyone,

Finally it was a problem with the proxy’s configuration,

Thanks everyone