Error Message => WebDriverException: Message: <!-- IE friendly error message walkround


I’m facing to a problem : I can’t execute a suite test with my IDE (VS Code).
If I execute the tests one by one, it’s working.
If I execute 2 tests (with tag command line), I have this error message :

WebDriverException: Message: <!-- IE friendly error message walkround

I have found an another post which talking about this problem (WebDriverException: Message: <!-- IE friendly error message walkround - #5 by Brahim) but I haven’t found the solution.
However, I think about one thing : I have paste the test from my former IDE (Eclipse) to the newer. On Eclipse, I can decide how type of tests I would to create (test file, test suite etc…).
It seems to not be possible with VS Code, do you confirm ? Because when I type the tag command line (ex : robot -i [MyTagName] [MyFolderName] ), this error is occurs.

Here is my configuration :

  • IDE : VS Code
  • Python : 3.9.7
  • RobotFramework : 4.1.3

Thanks a lot


Hi John,

In my case it was a proxy’s problem in my environments variables.

Hi Brahim,

In my case, it doesn’t work because I need proxy configuration to reach applications.
Furthermore, all is fine when I execute the test one by one.

I think that the problem is on another way.

Thanks for your answer !

How do you execute your testsuite?

Do you create a .txt file ?

No, this is a .robot file like this :

When I right-click on this file and cselect “Run test suite”, it executes ALL the tests in this file.
But I can’t execute only 2 selected tests by using tag option.

Try this : create a .txt file, inside write paths of your tests, and execute with this command :
robot -d results -A FILENAME.txt

Try it maybe it’ll work

Always the same results … :frowning:

Further information : it’s not only tag command line which does’nt work but simply command line like “robot MyTest.robot”… It’s more disturbing… :frowning:

To run your test suite try this command:
python -m robot MyTest.robot
NB: you should be on the directory of your robot file