WebDriver Manager - how to download edge driver


i’m trying to find a way in robot framework to download the edge driver automatically.

I’m using this : pip3 install webdriver-manager
and then from shell:
webdrivermanager firefox chrome --linkpath AUTO

i tried to use edge in the command but it fails to download.

i wonder if there is an option to download the edge driver automatically (using command or any other way) and not manually?

driver are often getting updated and on JAVA there is the bonigarcia webdriver manager that works as expected.
is there and automatic way to check the latest browser and download the correct webdriver accordingly ( for edge/ firefox etc…) ?

Actually I noticed it was broken on Friday (6th May) when I went to use it myself.

I worked around it by finding where the chrome driver was installed, then downloaded the selenium driver for edge manually and copied the driver exe to that location.

In my case the location was something like c:\Users\<username>\AppData\local\ rasjani\webdriver (I don’t remember the exact path as i’m at home and don’t have a windows machine handy.

You can get the edge driver from here: Microsoft Edge WebDriver - Microsoft Edge Developer

Looks like someone has already reported the issue, hopefully it’ll be fixed soon


Thanks Dave,
I was able to work around it as you mentioned.
I also hope it will be fixed soon.

I also noticed that the Firefox version is not the latest one (0.31)
I get 0.29 and therefore cannot run Firefox on latest version.
I workaround it by downloading the geckodriver manually to the folder .
I hope it will be fixed soon also.


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