No Headless Edge Option?

Hi, I have Edge browser working in RF but does it offer headless mode? I can’t seem to find much about this.

I’ve tried HeadlessEdge via my batch file:

CALL "D:\Python37\Scripts\robot.exe" --variable BROWSER:HeadlessEdge

with the error: ValueError: headlessedge is not a supported browser.


Selenium Latest
Python 3.7
Edge latest
Edge Driver latest

I know you say latest Edge but are you using Classic Edge or Chromium Edge? I think this can only be headless in chromium edge (but you could certainly try the headless option below).

You would be able to tell based on if you had sent in the chromium option:
Open Browser | url | edge | options=use_chromium=True |

To make it headless it would be:
Open Browser | url | edge | options=use_chromium=True;headless=True |

You will also need to be using selenium 4 or the plugin in the link below.

More info here: Selenium Library with Chromium Edge Browser

I just looked and under about says:

Microsoft Edge
Version 94.0.992.50 (Official build) (64-bit)
This browser is made possible by the Chromium] open source project and other open source 

I’m using Selenium 3.141.0 so could this be the issue?

How do I express headless Edge in the batch file command line - as headlesschromium?

I updated to Selenium 4.0 but still had the value error above

could someone throw me a bone to make sure I’m not missing something obvious with missing args in my batch file:

CALL "D:\Python37\Scripts\robot.exe" --variable BROWSER:Headless???

Many thanks.

Hi Brendan,

I wish I had an answer for you, I tried using edge chromium the first time the other week and couldn’t figure out how to get an “In Private” (incognito) window either, I looked at this thread and a bunch of threads about selenium with python and tried to create an options dictionary with python and pass that to robot so it could be passed in to the open browser. Nothing I tried worked for me otherwise I would have commented here earlier.

Hope you get an answer.


Thanks Dave, gald its not just me then!

Presumably if I carry on using Chrome in headless mode its using the same Chromium that’s in Edge anyway (if i’m using Chromium Edge)

It is quite simple to run your tests in the headless mode. You need simply to add the “–headless” argument to the EdgeOptions object. NOTE: Make sure to download the correct version of Edge driver and copy it to the output folder. Also, you need to install the latest version of the Microsoft.