VSCode Language Server handing over arguments

Hi all,
I have a hard time handing over arguments to the language server. E.g. I would like to hand over “–RemoveKeywords WUKS” to robot. I thought I have to drop it to the settings.json and there into robot.language-server.args like

“robot.language-server.args”: [“–RemoveKeywords WUKS”]

But as soon as I save, the language server dies while restarting. Beeing curious about what this setting does, I dropped the example from the docu into it.

“robot.language-server.args”: [“-vv”, “–log-file=~/robotframework_ls.log”]

Again. The language server dies after restarting.
So what is this setting for. And how can I hand over “–RemoveKeywords WUKS”?

Cheers Martin