VS Code documentation in *** settings *** section throws mutex error


I’m new to robot framework but i noted that .robot or .resource files with a *** settings *** section in start of a file with documentation throws this error for me.
Error collecting Robocop errors: Unable to get mutex for: c:\users\user.robotframework-ls\specs\v2\769da057_5.0.1\builtins\xml.libspec after 30 seconds.


To get rid of the error, i have to take the documentation descriptions away fully. So if i leave resource definitions only, the error gets away (but only after restarting VS code).

I use
VS Code 1.70.2
Python 3.10
VS extension → Robot framework language server v.1.0.0 → last updated 17.8.2022 (17th of august).

Am i doing something wrong or do i miss some extension needed ?

Ok, seems like documentation removal did not fix the problem. its back again…

I experience this as well. I believe it is the Robocorp LSP (which, IMO, is generally pretty great) + Robocop. When I hover over the red squiggly line, I (mostly) get this error message:

Error collecting Robocop errors: 'Variable' object has no attribute 'error'

I honestly don’t know how to get this error to go away. :unamused:

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I would suggest creating an issue for this in the GitHub repo for the LSP.


i raised an issue: