Using Git with RobotFramework

Hi All,

My team is working on multiple SCRIPTS in Robot Framework and using Eclipse IDE for writing and executing the script.
In Eclipse we have created multiple folder for scripts and OR as per functionality.

Now that we want to commit the code to the bitbucket, is there any feature provided by Robot Framework for Git which will help us to pull, commit and merging process in the Robot Framework projects in Bitbucket.

I am using:
Eclipse Version: 2019-09 R (4.13.0)
Installed RED
Python - 3.6.7
Git installed.



I do not really get what you want to do.
Do you want to store and version the Robot Framework test cases and keywords you wrote into the Bitbucket repository?
Or do you want to manipulate a Bitbucket repo within a robot test case, because you use it somehow in the test?

I think you are missing the point of what RF is and does. Test cases and suites are really just plain old text files so you should be able to use the commandline to interact with git. However, there is also a plugin for RED/Eclipse to allow for some of the point-and-click functionality that you might be looking for, to interact with git and versioning control.

If you are using Windows, you could just use Git Bash to work with git.

HI Rene,

Thank you for the reply!

I want to upload my entire project having test cases ,keywords and OR so that later they can be executed by Jenkins and on other remote server as Grid.

Hi @Apoorva1,

Actually we don’t really need a GIT plug-in to work with .robot files/Robot framework, we can track any files irrespective of technology in GIT with remote repository bit-bucket.

If you want to execute the robot framework tests through Jenkins on any server, for that we have a Jenkins robot-framework plug-in ( which will extract the robot framework results and publish fancy reports in Jenkins build it itself.