Doubt in sharing Robot Framework Files

How do I share my Robot Framework Automation Project files to others What are the Procedure and Structure others to Edit and View the Files

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Some random ideas:

Find a good way to manage your dependencies, to make sure you’re all using the proper versions of Robot Framework and the related Libraries.
One good tool to do that is poetry.

Use a version control system to store your code, for example Git.
Create new branches, when people update or add files.
Use meaningful descriptions in your commits.
Merge your changes often and delete old branches.
Add Static Code analysis like RoboCop and run it automatically after a Push and Merge.
Or use automated DryRuns on Push and Merge to ensure no basic errors were introduced.

Find a project structure which suites you and allows you to separate your test suites from your resource files/keywords and make them re-usable

There is not the ONE solution - you need to find the one which works best for you.

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Hi Praveen,

A robot project is just a text file or collection of text files, so they can be shared the same way as any other files, you could have a master collection, where you share out a versioned zip file, you could have them on a shared network drive, the problem with these methods is version management, that’s why the best option, just like application code projects that needs multiple developers, use a version control system like SVN, GIT, etc to manage you Automation Project files. There’s a good chance your organisation already has one in place.

In short there is no one procedure, you need to make one that works for your organisation, but if you have an internal development team they probably already have a procedure for this that you can base your’s on.

BTW Just a tip about using English, something I learned after working with many Indians, “Doubt in sharing Robot Framework Files” in English should be “Question about sharing Robot Framework Files”, the way Doubt and Question are used in India is very different to the way they are used in English and it confuses English speakers.


Thank you for your Guidance

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Note that poetry can be used to easily create a Python distribution with RF libraries / resource libraries. I did a talk on the topic and have a demo repo:
RoboCon 2022 - 1.08 Project and package management: Poetry for robots - YouTube
GitHub - robinmackaij/robotframework-poetry-demo: A package to demonstrate how poetry can be used to distribute Robot Framework resources within an organization

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