Test Suite Creation Query

I am using eclipse to create robot test scripts. I have created 50+ test cases and put them in one folder in eclipse robot project. I am running those on command line. robot --timestampoutputs --log TestLog.html --report TestReport.html --outputdir D:\TestProject_Regression_Screenshots\TestAutomationResult -T TesttTestSuite_5Oct
These test scripts I have written separately in different .robot file means there are 50 test scripts with 50 .robot file. Is there any way to call these 50 test scripts in robot test suite file in eclipse ?
When I run my robotframework-metrics it shows me 50 test suites and 50 test cases and I want it as 1 test suite and 50 test cases.


Not sure I understand your question, or your problem. So you want to run all 50 suites, since each .robot file is considered a suite, from within Eclipse/RED? Or your problem is more due to robotframework-metrics?

Well, lets keep aside the robotmetics. If I want to call all 50 .robot file of 50 test scripts in one .robot file ie test suite in eclipse then how to do that?

I don’t understand what you want. Usually test doesn’t call other tests or perhaps we don’t see the problem you are trying to solve.

Just call the directory they are in instead of a specific test and it will run them all as a suite and report will contain all results

I.e. don’t use -T